September 2013

John Paul Pereira

Dear John,

I clearly remember the day I first met you. I walked into an open house expecting to meet a realtor and walked out knowing that I had met a friend. Since then, you have helped me buy two properties and sell one. I can only say with with great pride and pleasure that our friendship has blossomed as much as our professional relationship has prospered.

I have no words to express my gratitude to you for finding me a dream home. Not once but twice! You understand my requirements so well that the whole process of house hunting becomes very easy. The process takes time and effort, and yet through it all you never lose patience. With you around to spell it all out in layman's terms, I never felt lost amidst all the legal jargon and procedures. You are extremely trustworthy and I know that you would always put your clients' interests first. On many occasions I have asked for your professional advice, and I must say I have never regretted following it. You are always
around to answer my questions and quell my anxieties. I find you very helpful, accessible and extremely easy to get along with. An additional bonus is the wonderful team of professionals (lawyer, mortgage broker, painter, home inspector, etc.) that you have introduced to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed driving around with you to look at properties. We had a lot of fun chatting not just about real estate but so many different topics. I really look forward having many more such interactions with you. And keep finding those dream homes for me like only you can!


Kartik Tiruvilvamalai

Kartik Tiruvilvamalai

January 3rd,2014

John Paul Pereira

Working with John-Paul
Three years ago my wife Stephanie and I bought our first starter home, which we were just about to outgrow. With the idea of starting a family, and the need for a larger home, we decided to call up a family friend who has been successful within the real estate business.  Due to his specialization within specific neighbourhoods, he was unable to help but he did recommend a very reputable realtor, John- Paul. When calling John- Paul for the first time I had no idea we were going to receive the type of treatment that only family would provide. John- Paul showed a genuine interest in our needs and wants.  He took selling our home very seriously.  Prior to placing our home on the market, John- Paul researched the area, and even visited other open houses to compare our home to those in the area.  Using his professional opinion, he appraises and properly marketed our home at a custom asking price. We sold within seven days, and for our asking price!!
When making our way out to search for our new home, John- Paul was a perfect example of professional and personal. Providing the personal attention, and putting our best interests first, we spent the summer looking for that perfect new home. His experience and genuine patience steered us away from poorly structured or renovated houses, and saved us hundreds of dollars in additional home inspections, or a rash decisions. Being sceptical home buyers, John- Paul took my wife and I patiently to over 60 houses. He eagerly had multiple listings ready and worked around our work schedule to accommodate our wants, needs and timeline when finding a new home. John- Paul thoroughly researched communities and spoke with the other listing agents professionally. When it came time to put an offer in on a home, John- Paul worked extended (and extensive) hours drafting up our offer, and was exceptional at getting us what we wanted out of a deal. He always looked out for our personal and best interests when negotiating with other agents.
John- Paul is the type of person you want on your side. He is a genuine person who works hard for you. My wife and I spent our summer with John- Paul, and we now consider him a new friend. We still keep in contact with him, and he professionally checked in with us several times after our move in, to see if any concerns had arisen with the home.
Summing up our experience with John- Paul was customer service that went above and beyond my previous home buying experience. John-Paul made our home buying experience educational, easy, relaxing, and most importantly, stress free.
There is no question, we would recommend John- Paul Pereira to our closest friends and family and anyone looking for an agent who offers service above self.

David & Stephanie Walton  

Dave & Steph Walton